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What is Cursor Node ?

Cursor Node is a specialist cursor designed specifically for the competitive gamer looking to maximize his winning edge. Conventional cursors are often inadequate for today's games where the intensity of graphics causes the gamer to lose track of the cursor resulting in confusion, hesitation, and loss of winning or escaping opportunities.

Cursor Node overcomes this problem in several ways. Firstly, the cursor can be set to a large enough size to block-out some of the graphics, making the cursor comparatively more visible. Secondly, Cursor Node can increase cursor visibility through better color contrast. With almost limitless color combinations, the cursor can be configured to use an entirely different color scheme to the game, hence making it stand out and visible. Additionally, Cursor Node provides numerous shapes for the cursor. Different shapes offer different levels of visibility in different programs. With Cursor Node, the gamer is free to choose the best cursor shape for the job.

When mixed with a sprinkle of imagination or color experimentation, Cursor Node can be turn into a devastatingly powerful tool for the winning gamer. The competitive advantage it brings will be immediately apparent.

Desktop use

Cursor Node can be used on the Windows Desktop for normal applications. However, that is not the main purpose of the product. For that reason, our emphasis isn't to produce the best looking or the most usable cursor for the Desktop. Instead, we aim to deliver maximum configurability and visibility for dealing with explosive graphics.


For the purpose of this user manual, the term "mouse pointer" exclusively refers to the mouse cursor rendered by Windows, by games, or by other programs. The term "cursor" generally refers to the mouse cursor rendered by Cursor Node. Where it is unambiguous, "cursor" may also refer to the mouse cursor not rendered by Cursor Node. The abbreviation "cn" or "CN" stands for Cursor Node.

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