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Cursor sizes

CursorNode provides a wide variety of sizes for cursors and reticles. From the gigantic to the miniature, there is a size available for every occasion and purpose. Larger cursors place higher load on the system but offer greater visibility. The ideal size is a balance of these two factors. CursorNode makes it very easy for the user to fine-tune the preferred levels of visibility and load for the task at hand.

Resizeable cursor for games

Cursor colors

The entire range of colors supported by Windows is available when defining the cursor color. This means making the cursor more visible doesn't get any easier. All it takes is a few mouse clicks. With a typical choice of 16 million colors, practically everyone will find something that will work for them.

Gaming cursor with customizable color

User custom cursors

If the standard CursorNode cursors don't meet your needs, then you can make your own! You can drag and drop images in PNG, GIF, ICO, CUR, and ANI formats into CN to turn them into usable cursors instantly. You can have cursors of any shape, size, and quality you want. The PNG format supports alpha channel transparency. This lets you set the transparency level for individual pixels and smooth out all the outer edges of a cursor.

The drag and drop feature is available by selecting "User custom cursor" from the cursor style menu.

Cursor styles     Index     Usage scenarios

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