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On starting CursorNode, the Settings Panel is presented. This is the user interface for the program where various configuration options are available. The options are grouped into tabs to make these easier to use.

Cursor tab

The cursor-tab is the default tab that CursorNode starts with. It shows the currently active cursor customization. As soon as CursorNode is started, the active cursor customization is put into effect. The customization affects all cursors shown on the screen, giving them the same appearance as the design displayed in the panel. The standard window resize cursors are not changed. When CursorNode shuts down, the customization is removed, returning cursors on screen to their original appearance.

Setting panel

  1. Preview of the active custom cursor
  2. Cursor style menu, a list of ready to use custom cursors.
  3. Adjusters for the active custom cursor. Drag sliders to change the look of the custom cursor.
  4. Palette of all colors on the active custom cursor. Click to change color.
  5. An option for when the custom cursor is used as a highlighter. Tick to change the cursor on screen to a dot. The highlighter then tracks this dot.
  6. Tick to use the active custom cursor as a highlighter that tracks the cursor on screen. Untick to use the custom cursor for replacing the cursor on screen.
  7. Shut down button for closing CursorNode, and removing cursor customization from screen.
  8. Dimension of the active custom cursor in pixels: width x height.
  9. Info icons. Click to read helpful/important information on how to use CursorNode.
  10. Play button for minimizing CursorNode and enabling the active custom cursor.

Custom cursor adjusters

CursorNode comes built-in with a small collection of ready to use custom cursors. Various attributes of these cursors can be adjusted to suit the user's need. The adjustment is done through adjusters. The icons identifying these adjusters are described below. Adjustment for user supplied User Custom Cursors can be done using external graphics or cursor editors.

Custom cursor menu Active custom cursor
Custom cursor size Custom cursor size
Custom cursor border Custom cursor border
Custom cursor orientation Custom cursor orientation
Custom cursor colors Custom cursor colors
Custom cursor thickness Custom cursor thickness
Custom cursor gap Custom cursor gap

Info icons

Useful and important information are provided through info icons to help the user to get the most out of CursorNode. The information is presented when the info icon is clicked. The following are the available info icons and descriptions of what information they contain.

Info icon size Information about custom cursor size
Info icon highlighter Information about highlighters
Info icon admin Information about running in administrator mode
Info icon save Information about saving cursor customization
Info icon tags Information about cursor tagging
Info icon topmost Information about setting up top-most windows
Info icon snap Information about snap-to spots
Info icon confinement Information about confining cursor to window
Info icon subscription Information about the CursorNode subscription
Info icon dot cursor Information about the dot cursor
Info icon cursor set Information about cursor sets
Info icon user custom cursor Information about user custom cursors

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