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Welcome to product licensing

If you have tried the CursorNode free trial and find it useful and fun, here you will be able to license it through activation or subscription. Both licensing styles offer some advantages. Of course, you can also continue trialling the product. There is no restriction on how long you can do that for.

FREE evaluator's license
Evaluator's license: £0.00     

For people new to CursorNode, we are giving away free evaluator licenses to enable full evaluations of the licensed product. Details are available in the Evaluator's Corner at the product forums. Click to visit now.

How to authorize a license

Before a license is accepted by the CursorNode program, it has to be authorized by our licensing server. Please start CursorNode, and then click on the program's task bar entry to open up the Settings Panel. Within the About tab, the license code can be entered where indicated. For authorization to succeed, an internet connection is required and the program given access. The authorization should take a minute. Once complete, the product is licensed and can be used to the fullest extent.

The license authorization process transmits and records pseudonymous data about the CursorNode installation using a secured SSL connection. Some common errors that occur during authorization and their solutions are described in the Support page.


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