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Welcome to product licensing

If you have tried the CursorNode standard free trial and find it useful and fun, here you will be able to license it through activation or subscription. Both licensing styles offer some advantages. Of course, you can also continue using the standard free trial. There is no restriction on how long you can do that for. For a more complete evaluation, you may wish to request an Evaluator's License.

FREE evaluator's license
Evaluator's license: £0.00     

For people new to CursorNode, we are giving away free evaluator licenses to enable full evaluation of the licensed product. Details are available in the Evaluator's Corner at the product forums. Click to visit now.

PayPal eCheck / eCheque

CAUTION: if you do not have a valid credit/debit card linked to your PayPal account and the account has insufficient funds for a purchase, PayPal may issue an eCheck on your behalf without your realising it. This affects PayPal account holders only.

An eCheck payment takes 3-6 business days or longer to clear. If you pay by eCheck, we will email you an acknowledgement within 24 hours of the pending payment appearing in our account. The pending status means the payment has not yet reached our account. License delivery for an eCheck order will be put on hold automatically until the payment arrives.

Once an eCheck payment is initiated, it cannot be cancelled by us or PayPal. However, you may be able to ask your bank to stop the in-progress payment. Any payment entering our account will be subject to our normal terms of sale.

Subscription license

1-week subscription £0.99   
4-month subscription £5.99   
2-week subscription £1.89   
6-month subscription £7.99   
1-month subscription £2.99   
1-year subscription £13.99   
2-month subscription £3.99   
2-year subscription £26.99   

For the advanced/enthusiast user who has different set ups, runs multiple OS's or machines, the subscription license offers the best flexibility. A subscription allows any number of CursorNode installations on any number of computers. However, the subscription can be consumed by one installation at a time.


    arrow bullet point  14 day refund guarantee*
arrow bullet point  Convenient subscription lengths and fun-sized amounts to pay
arrow bullet point  Subscription under user control, and easy to switch from one computer-OS to another
arrow bullet point  In use, it is just as simple as the activation license

    arrow bullet point  Only during use, requires automated 1-second connection to the CN licensing server at user-selectable intervals of 2, 4, 8, or 24 hours
arrow bullet point  On very rare occasions, can be affected by outages in Internet or CN-server. Typical server up time: 99.9% available, running on geographically dispersed redundant systems in Texas US, and London UK.

  * Refund conditions: (a) The refundable period starts at the date and time cleared payment is received and continues for 14 calendar days. (b) Maximum of 2 subscription licenses purchased together or at around the same time by the same purchaser can be refunded. (c) The purchaser must not have received, or in the process of receiving, another refund in the 62 days prior to the refund request. (d) The refund incurs an administration charge of 7.5% on the total refund amount with a minimum charge of £0.60. This charge does not include any third-party fees, such as currency exchange fees, PayPal or the credit card company may charge against the purchaser's account. The administration charge is deducted from the total refund amount before the remainder is returned to the purchaser's account. (e) The refund request is to be sent to the support email address. (f) The refund may take up to 24 hours to process.

Renewing/extending a subscription: The CursorNode subscription cannot be renewed or extended. Once expired, the license code for the subscription can be discarded or replaced with a new one. Therefore, after paying for additional subscription time following an expiry, you should expect to receive a new license code. The new code has to be entered in CursorNode for authorization before the subscription begins.

Activation license
Installation activation: £50.99   
For the regular computer user who uses a single Windows installation and doesn't care about all the technical stuff, the activation license is simple and straightforward. Once activated, CursorNode will keep going until the computer-OS needs replacing. Then the activated installation can be migrated to the new computer-OS and the cycle begins anew.

The activation license is a poor choice for the highly capable and highly competitive gamer who needs to squeeze every last drop of performance and optimisation out of his system by frequently juggling the hard drives, shuffling the partitions, switching the OS', and yanking in and out of the molex/SATA connectors. For all that and more, the subscription license will give a better overall user experience.


    arrow bullet point  Pay once
arrow bullet point  No need for internet connection beyond activation

    arrow bullet point  Refund not available. Please request free evaluator license or purchase short subscription license to assess product suitability before buying activation
arrow bullet point  Designed to work on just one activated computer-OS
arrow bullet point  Not suitable for users who need to switch, change, move, reinstall, or reformat Windows a lot
arrow bullet point  Licensing terms apply on activation frequency. May require contacting support when migrating license

Payment options

The above Buy Now buttons take you to the PayPal check out page that gives you two paying options:

1. Check out as a PayPal user
2. Check out as a Guest / Pay using credit card (does not require a PayPal account)

If you experience problem with one payment option, you can try using the other. On occasions, damaged data in the browser cache can interfere with a payment and cause it to fail. Therefore, clearing the browser cache may fix the problem. Alternatively, you can try using a different browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Cached browser data are not shared amongst different browsers. So, bad data in one browser cannot affect the workings of a different browser. Waiting 24 hours for bad data to expire may also work.

What happens after you buy (Instant Transfer, excluding eChecks)

Once your payment goes through and reaches our automated processing agent, we will send you the license code(s) via email. Usually, the message will arrive in your Inbox a couple of minutes after payment. Though, please check your spam folder too. Some email systems may incorrectly categorize the message and place it in the wrong folder.

The email address that you provide to PayPal when making the purchase is where we will send the license code(s) to.

In the event of our message getting placed in the wrong folder, if you normally download mail using the POP3 protocol, you may have to log on to the mail account using a web browser to see the misplaced message because some email providers are known to not deliver via POP3 anything that is in the spam/junk mail folder.

On the whole, license delivery is very reliable. But, on rare occasions things can go wrong. If you do not get your license code(s) within 10 minutes of purchase, that is a good indication of unexpected problems. In that case, please send us a message using the Support page. That way, we will look into it as soon as we are able and reduce any delays to the minimum.

How to authorize a license

Before a license is accepted by the CursorNode program, it has to be authorized by our licensing server. Please start CursorNode, and then click on the program's task bar entry to open up the Settings Panel. Within the Info/About tab, the license code can be entered where indicated. For authorization to succeed, an internet connection is required and the program (CursorNode.exe) given access. The authorization should take a minute. Once complete, the product is licensed and can be used to the fullest extent.

The license authorization process transmits and records pseudonymous data about the CursorNode installation using a secured SSL connection. Some common errors that occur during authorization and their solutions are described in the Support page.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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