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First-person Shooters

If the reticle in an FPS game is hard to see or too small, then CursorNode offers a way to improve the situation. CursorNode cannot replace the original reticle. Instead, a custom retical can be overlaid on top of the original. This will fix reticle visibility issues in a lot of situations.

In this scenario, the ready-to-use Cross (highlighter) cursor is used as a custom reticle, although any other highlighter will also work, including a user supplied image configured as a highlighter. The game is assumed to have the following configuration:

1. Exclusive full screen graphics mode
2. Resolution 2560x1600
3. Reticle in the middle of the screen at coordinate 1279,799

The Cross (highlighter) cursor behaves like a typical cursor until one of its snap-to spots is defined. Then, it takes on the characteristics of a reticle. The following snap-to spot definition is for setting up the highlighter as a custom reticle in the middle of the screen:

First person shooter reticle mod

The 1500px snap-to distances extend beyond the edge of the screen, resulting in the Cross highlighter being permanently snapped to the screen coordinate specified in the x and y boxes because the cursor the highter tracks is never outside of the area influenced by the snap-to spot. The highlighter then becomes a fixed reticle.

The following illustrates the customized reticle (not drawn to correct scale):

First person shooter custom reticle

  1. Original hard to see reticle, centered at 1279,799
  2. Custom reticle with improved visibility, centered at 1279,799
  3. Entire yellow area influenced by the snap-to spot. The cursor moving anywhere in the yellow area causes the highlighter tracking it to immediately snap to the snap-to spot.

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