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Welcome to product support

For issues, bugs, questions, and help regarding CursorNode, please contact support using the following email address. Trial users are very welcome too. We currently have excellent response time, and most problems can be resolved quickly.


Alternatively, you can also make use of the product forums at where we will provide answers to any questions. The Public Commons area allows you to post quickly and anonymousely without having to register.

Solutions to some common issues

Bullet point  ERROR: A referral was returned from the server

This error pops up on CursorNode start. On legacy Windows, this may indicate the Windows installation needs updating. This error also occurs if CursorNode is not up to date. At a minimum, CursorNode should be updated once a year in mid-September after we renew the program authenticode certificate at the beginning of the month.

Bullet point  Losing CursorNode program or cursor settings

CursorNode saves all settings it uses to the Windows registry at:


These settings are not deleted even if you uninstall CursorNode. If another program/process on your PC is deleting or changing data under this registry key, it will cause CursorNode to lose/forget its settings.

To correct this issue, please stop any other program from manipulating this registry key, or add CursorNode and the registry key to the program's exclusion list if it has one. A good place to start is to check if any antivirus software is configured to delete new and unrecognized registry keys.

Bullet point  The CursorNode installation process is failing

Check your antivirus errors and logs to make sure the AV software isn't blocking the installation. CursorNode is released without virus. If you download the installer from our site, then you are perfectly safe. In that case, any alert from the antivirus is a false positive. To allow the installation to succeed, you may have to make an AV exclusion rule for the installer process or files, or temporarily disable the AV software.

If you don't want any AV false positives and don't mind reduced functionality, you can use the CursorNode Pure64 edition. More information is available from the Version Information page.

Bullet point  CursorNode doesn't seem to work or do anything, or it has stopped working

Check your antivirus errors and logs to make sure the AV software isn't blocking any CursorNode files. Some AV software may block CursorNodeExt.exe, CursorNodeExt2.exe, components/Interface.1, or components/Interface.3. To allow CursorNode to run normally, you may have to make an AV exclusion rule for these files. On some AV's, you may also need to make an exclusion rule for the in-memory process of these files. Please consult your AV vendor or manual on how to create these rules.

The CursorNode program is built, tested, and released without virus. You can verify the installed files are genuine as we have released them by comparing their SHA256 checksums against our published data. Any alert from your AV on a genuine file can be treated as a false positive.

You are welcome to submit any CursorNode files to your AV vendor for white listing, thereby eliminating any false positive nuisance. The AV vendor may assign extra weight for submissions made by their paid customers.

If you don't want any AV false positives and don't mind reduced functionality, you can use the CursorNode Pure64 edition. More information is available from the Version Information page.

Bullet point  Very slow start of CursorNode or its Setup MSI package on Windows 7

This happens on a non-updated Windows 7 or on a Windows 7 system that isn't connected to the internet. This is just a limitation of Windows 7, and there is nothing wrong. Please be patient and things will get going eventually.

If the internet is available at the moment of CursorNode or Setup package start, then Windows 7 will pull in all the security certificates it needs from official certificate authorities. This will then allow Windows 7 to identify CursorNode or its Setup package as from a recognized publisher. Thereafter, everything will work quickly and normally.

Bullet point  Cursor shadow on Windows 7 / Vista / XP

When using a highlighter cursor on older Windows, a black shadow may follow the highlighter cursor in a game window. If the game is busy loading, the shadow may end up "painting" a large part the window black. This issue is caused by non-optimum Windows display settings. To correct this, please apply the following settings:

  services.msc right arrow Desktop Window Manger Session Manager right arrow General right arrow Startup type right arrow Automatic

Control Panel right arrow System right arrow Advanced system settings right arrow Advanced right arrow Settings right arrow Visual effects right arrow Adjust for best appearance

The following variation will also work:

  services.msc right arrow Desktop Window Manger Session Manager right arrow General right arrow Startup type right arrow Automatic

Control Panel right arrow System right arrow Advanced system settings right arrow Advanced right arrow Settings right arrow Visual effects right arrow Custom

Tick "Use visual styles on windows and buttons"
Tick "Enable desktop composition"

After saving these settings, please restart windows and then double check the settings are still there because sometimes the save may fail with no warning.

Bullet point  CursorNode appears to work on the Windows desktop but doesn't work in this window / program / game / app

It is possible the program you want to use is running in administrator mode and CursorNode doesn't have the necessary privileges to interface it. A program started directly from its setup installer usually runs in administrator mode. To work with that, CursorNode has to be restarted in administrator mode. Right-clicking the CursorNode program shortcut will bring up a menu with the "Run as administrator" option.

Another situation in which CursorNode does not appear to work is when a game is running in exclusive full-screen graphics mode, and the chosen CN cursor is too large. The exclusive full-screen mode places a restriction on the cursor size. The maximum cursor size allowed could be somewhat arbitrary. To work out what your system is capable of, simply start with a small cursor and then size it bigger until the cursor stops showing in the game. If you want to use a cursor size larger than what the exclusive full-screen mode allows, you will have to run the game in windowed or windowed-full-screen (borderless) mode.

Windows Store apps, as well as programs categorized as store apps such as Microsoft Edge (in app mode), Windows 10 Calculator, Windows 10 Start Menu, etc are sandboxed by strong security. This prevents other programs from adding enhancements for them. For these apps, CursorNode will only render a cursor at the standard size of 32x32 or 64x64 pixels depending on the DPI designation of the Windows installation. The Highlighter cursors are fully compatible with these apps. You may want to use the highlighters instead.

Bullet point  Downgrading

If you run into problems with the latest release of CursorNode, you can try downgrading to a previous release that we have determined to be stable. The stable version is available for download from the Version Information page.

Downgrading is only intended as a temporary measure. Users encountering problems are encouraged to submit reports using the Support email address. This is the quickest way to have problems fixed. All we need to know are the Windows version and the name of the program CursorNode is having trouble with. Support is available for both licensed and trial users alike. Any supplied contact information will be used for support only. We do not engage in direct marketing or use the information for any other purpose. Nor do we pass the information onto any third parties.

Old version of CursorNode will be withdrawn as time passes. Users who rely solely on the downgraded version will end up not having access to a usable version as we move forward with releases and withdraw old versions.

Licensing issues

Bullet point  Replacing a license

If for some reason you want to replace the license you are using with another license, you can manually delete the following file:

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Cursor Node\CursorNode.dat

Where "[user name]" should be your actual Windows user name. Also, please be aware that the AppData sub-directory may be a hidden directory on your system. Once the DAT file is deleted, CursorNode will become unlicensed after a program restart, and will allow you to enter another license in the Info/About-tab.

Bullet point  License code not received

The license code email may have been placed in the wrong folder by the email system. Some email systems do not deliver, via the POP3 protocol, any email incorrectly placed in the spam folder. To see the misplaced email, you may have to log on to the mail account using a web browser.

Another reason for the license code not arriving is caused by the destination email system not accepting our message. Most mail systems including GMail and Hotmail work fine. Manual processing will be made for undelivered licenses as soon as possible. However, there will be delays as a result.

Please feel free to send us a message using the above support address if you have not received your license code(s) within 10 minutes of purchase. This will alert us to potential problems and speed up reprocessing of your order.

License delivery for an eCheck order will be put on hold until the payment is cleared in our account. eChecks are not instant payments because these take 3-6 business days or longer to clear. We will acknowledge receipt of a pending payment notice within 24 hours.

Bullet point  Loss of activation from major Windows update

Currently, a major Windows update, such as the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, can cause loss of CursorNode activation. This is normal and does not indicate an error condition. We will look into an automated reactivation solution for a future CursorNode release. For now, users should reactivate manually. Users of recent versions of CursorNode will be able to reactivate without needing to contact support. Users of older versions should contact support for assistance if the reactivation fails.

Bullet point  Reversion to an expired subscription license

CursorNode may revert to an expired license even after a new license has been entered and authorized. This is caused by CN not running in administrator mode during new license authorization. Therefore, it was unable to replace the old license in the program directory. Reversion to an expired license causes CN to run in standard trial mode.

To correct this issue, please start CN in admin mode and then reauthorize the new subscription license. Manual removal of the old license is also possible by deleting "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cursor Node\CursorNode.dat" and then restarting CN.

The current CN version is unaffected by this issue because CursorNode.dat has been relocated to "C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Cursor Node\", where access to the location does not require admin rights.

Bullet point  Retrieving a lost license code

If you lose your license code for whatever the reason, you can retrieve it by contacting support. Your contact email address must match the original address that we sent the code to. We use the address to identify the owner of a code. Therefore you do not need to provide other identification information if you contact us using the appropriate address. However, if your original emil account is lost, then we will take additional steps to validate you as the rightful owner of a license.

Bullet point  License authorization #L0003 Network error

The CursorNode program is unable to contact the licensing server. Often this is because the local firewall is blocking access. In that case, granting internet access to "CursorNode.exe" will resolve the problem. For an activated CursorNode installation, internet access is not required beyond activation. For an installation that uses a subscription, ongoing but intermittent internet access is required.

On rare occasions, this error can be caused by external issues, such as loss of internet connection to the ISP, or that our server is down. External issues can be diagnosed by visiting our websites. If either of our main and forum websites remains accessible (be sure to use the browser refresh button to exclude a locally cached copy), then there are no serious external issues affecting the licensing service.


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