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What is CursorNode ?

CursorNode is a specialty accessibility program designed to help people who are having trouble tracking the cursor. The problem arises because of incompatibility between software and hardware such as when using legacy computer games on the latest 4k displays. The problem may also arise from inappropriate software designs where the cursor is given the wrong size, color, or shape, making it unsuitable for the intended purpose. CursorNode becomes indispensable whenever cursor visibility issues render a program or game difficult or impossible to use.

CursorNode overcomes cursor visibility problems in several ways. Firstly, the cursor can be set to a large enough size to be visible. A cursor size of 256x256 pixel dimension or greater is possible compared to the conventional 32x32 or 64x64. Secondly, cursor visibility can be improved through better color contrast. With almost limitless color combinations available, the cursor can be configured to employ an entirely different color scheme to the program being used, thereby making the cursor stand out and visible. Lastly, CursorNode provides numerous shapes for the cursor, including support for user custom designs. Different shapes offer different levels of visibility in different programs. With CursorNode, the user is free to choose the best cursor shape for the job.

When mixed with a sprinkle of imagination and color experimentation, CursorNode can turn into an exceptionally useful tool for helping the user to attain an excellent level of usability while running their favorite programs or games.

Desktop use

CursorNode can be used on the Windows Desktop for normal applications. However, that is not the main purpose of the product. For this reason, our emphasis isn't to produce the best looking or the most usable cursor for the Desktop. Instead, we aim to deliver maximum configurability and visibility for dealing with explosive graphics found in games. When using CursorNode on the Windows Desktop, the highlighter cursor can be quite effective for most users include those with visual impairment.

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