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What is CursorNode ?

CursorNode is a specialty accessibility program designed to help people who are struggling to see the cursor, whether in a game or in an office app. The problem arises because of incompatibility between software and hardware, such as when using legacy computer games on 4k displays. The problem also arises from imperfect software designs where the cursor is given an inappropriate size, color, or shape, making it unsuitable for the intended purpose. CursorNode is indispensable whenever cursor visibility issues render a program difficult to use.

CursorNode overcomes cursor visibility problems in several ways. Firstly, the cursor can be set to a large enough size to be visible. A cursor size of 256x256 pixel dimension or larger is possible compared to the conventional 32x32 or 64x64. Secondly, cursor visibility can be improved through better color contrast. With almost limitless color combinations available, the cursor can be configured to use an entirely different color scheme to the program being used, making the cursor stand out and visible. Lastly, CursorNode provides numerous shapes for the cursor, including support for user custom designs. Different shapes offer different levels of visibility in different situations. With CursorNode, the user is free to choose the best shape for the job.

When mixed with a sprinkle of imagination and color experimentation, CursorNode can be turned into an exceptionally useful tool for attaining a superb level of usability for all kinds of programs.

Getting started

CursorNode is designed with maximum ease of use in mind. The moment you start it, you are presented with a customizable cursor that you can see and use immediately in games and apps. There are no complicated instructions to follow, no tutorials to find, no special keys to press, and no steep learning curve to climb. As you grow more familiar with the program, you can then do more with the features available. Closing CursorNode returns your system to how it was.

CursorNode runs in non-administrator mode by default. For compatibility with the widest range of games and programs, running CursorNode in administrator mode is recommended. The run mode is set from: CursorNode right arrow Panel-tab right arrow Interfacing.

A maximum privileged System-mode is available for working with games protected by anti-cheats. You can get more information by selecting: CursorNode right arrow Panel-tab right arrow Interfacing right arrow System mode.

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