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First-person Shooters

If the reticle in an FPS game is hard to see or too small, then CursorNode offers a way to improve the situation. CN cannot replace the original reticle. Instead, CN can overlay a custom reticle on top of the original reticle. This will fix reticle visibility issues in a lot of situations.

In this scenario, we use the CursorNode Cross (highlighter) cursor as a custom reticle, although any other highlighter will also work, including a user supplied image configured as a highlighter. The game is assumed to have the following configuration:

1. Exclusive full screen graphics mode
2. Resolution 2560x1600
3. Reticle in the middle of the screen at coordinate 1279,799

The Cross (highlighter) cursor behaves like a typical cursor until one of its snap-to spots is defined. Then, it takes on the characteristics of a reticle. The following snap-to spot definition is what we use to set up the Cross highlighter as a custom reticle in the middle of the screen:

First person shooter reticle mod

The 1500px snap-to distances cover the entire screen and more, resulting in the Cross highlighter cursor being permanently snapped to the screen coordinate specified in the x and y boxes. The highlighter cursor then ceases moving like a cursor and becomes a fixed reticle.

The following illustrates the customized reticle (not drawn to correct scale/proportion):

First person shooter custom reticle

A: original hard to see reticle, centered at 1279,799
B: custom reticle with improved visibility, centered at 1279,799
Yellow area: area covered by the snap-to spot. It needn't be bigger than the screen, but does no harm if it is.

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