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SHA-256 checksums   Downloaded zip file C21708EB9BA3B059BA2CFF2CACF2C0D1236B0C297BE4B06837BE1FE43D0E835B
CursorNode.exe 8D12F1BB6275C5CA4D2099E66A094F9E2212F856E664E4FEDC91C9B906AB873F
CursorNodeExt.exe 25C3B6D500694162AF5D786363D1E1758C245254B52C885A15B49B4D8C3474FB
dat\0Resource.1 363BD1A6432093FD91267B04319FA24631108BCF8933907C876B8B16C8B77099
dat\0Resource.2 FC3C5C3163C64B27EB180B071697D34827B6DC06F79E5AFF8F33E33AD044C7B2

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SHA-256 checksums   Downloaded zip file 6E0CE87331B6860E22124591ED625EB4C574B82460CDA9E5EB04B180CF833784
CursorNode.exe 7B84D15D79E553A2F85383EE49703C1DBD6509958A16DED47AD5BE0A245A6EF4
CursorNodeExt.exe 2CA6A07701FA6B95D37D4B4F3A7D8C09951651628765EB7ECC0EEDD5293BFB99
dat\0Resource.1 1B29DCDDB93ED8014D354A0F7B7DE5A0EF8CCC8889361AC2202ED80C33B62EB7
dat\0Resource.2 BD43299AB8AB5CA1B116A2F76C51B703BAB0EEA4485F90B183D369040F285A3B

Download legacy version, with support for Windows XP (starts up slower on later Windows).

Date Version Main features

2017-04-22 0.16.6321 Fixed sudden stop working of the cursor set. Fixed cursor set cursor flickering over window title bar and resize borders.

2017-04-21 0.16.6320 Completely fixed compatibility for Realm Of The Mad God and other similarly structured programs.

2017-04-18 0.16.6317 Removed the wobble feature because it is no longer necessary.

2017-04-14 0.16.6313 Fixes for tagging and cursor sets. Enhanced the cursor ID algorithm to significantly improve ability to identify unique cursors. This invalidates all cursor ID's in use in existing cursor sets.

2017-04-13 0.15.6312 Adjustments and refinements.

2017-04-11 0.15.6310 New option: Visibility Tab -> Temporarily hide cursor after mouse stops moving.

2017-04-10 0.15.6309 Save and recall for all cursor styles. New option: Panel -> Start with Save-Tab selected.

2017-04-06 0.14.6305 Fixed intermittent crash from overflow when converting between Int and UInt.

2017-04-05 0.14.6304 Save and recall for all styles of cursor except user-custom and cursor-set.

2017-03-24 0.14.6292 Save-tab changes and other fixes and adjustments.

2017-03-15 0.14.6283 Improved compatibility for Windows 10 Home Edition.

2017-03-13 0.14.6281 Enabled cursor set override for non-legacy-window resize cursors. Preparatory changes for the Save-tab.

2017-03-09 0.14.6277 Fixed loss of the "Start in admin mode" setting from atypical program shut down.

2017-03-08 0.14.6276 Fixes and adjustments for cursor visibility settings.
2017-03-01 0.14.6269 Implemented "Use dot" feature for highlighter cursors.
2017-02-18 0.14.6258 Integrated 32 bit and 64 bit mouse pointer tagging functions for increased ease of use. Also maximized protection from scanner based defamation.
2017-02-15 0.14.6255 Improved tamper protection.
2017-02-03 0.14.6243 Added wobble size 0. Also marginally improved protection from scanner-based defamation.
2017-01-23 0.14.6232 Implemented new server protocol.
2016-12-29 0.14.6207 Backport for the legacy version. Backport releases will be silent (not listed) from this point on.
2016-12-27 0.14.6205 Fixed the installer incorrectly handling the license data on upgrade or uninstall. Fix is effective when this version is the base (upgrade from) version.
2016-12-21 0.13.6199 Improved subscription license UI to ease user transition from expired license to new license.
2016-12-20 0.13.6198 Backport for legacy version.
2016-12-17 0.13.6195 Further improved security for the installer package.
2016-12-15 0.13.6193 Improved security for the installer package.
2016-12-12 0.13.6190 Added hints for trial subscription license.
2016-11-29 0.12.6177 Fixed cursor flashing over store apps problem that was introduced by one of the previous releases.
2016-11-17 0.12.6165 Added 24 hour subscription slice. Other fixes.
2016-11-16 0.12.6164 Fixed user-custom and cursor-set cursors flashing when typing in notepad.exe or certain text boxes.
2016-11-14 0.12.6162 Optimization.
2016-11-13 0.12.6161 Fixed compatibility for Star Wars The Old Republic.
2016-11-09 0.12.6157 Fixed compatibility for console and similar style windows.
2016-11-08 0.12.6156 Removed the strength feature for lacking in utility. Other optimizations.
2016-11-06 0.12.6154 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-11-01 0.12.6149 Adjustments.
2016-10-30 0.12.6147 Legacy version backport.
2016-10-28 0.12.6145 Saving CursorNode.dat to registry when file access is not available.
2016-10-27 0.12.6144 Improvement when over non-interfaceable windows on the Desktop.
2016-10-25 0.12.6142 Adjustments.
2016-10-23 0.12.6140 Added trial subscription feature.
2016-10-21 0.12.6138 Fixed cursor reverting to Windows arrow over some parts of the settings panel on older Windows versions.
2016-10-20 0.12.6137 Improved installer packaging.
2016-10-18 0.12.6135 Improved compatibility for Realm Of The Mad God and other programs that handle the mouse pointer in a similar way, where pointer redraw is exclusively at boundaries and no redraw on attaining focus.
2016-10-11 0.12.6128 Adjustments.
2016-10-09 0.12.6126 Removed the need for the Windows arrow to appear during cursor visibility transition in Diablo 3, League of Legends, and other programs that handle the mouse pointer in a similar way.
2016-10-07 0.12.6124 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-10-05 0.12.6122 Discontinued support for Windows XP. Migrated to .Net 4.6 for improved start up speed.
2016-10-04 0.12.6121 Cursor set fixes.
2016-10-03 0.12.6120 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-09-30 0.12.6117 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-09-28 0.12.6115 Dot cursor.
2016-09-25 0.12.6112 Optimization for cursor set performance. Other fixes and adjustments.
2016-09-24 0.12.6111 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-09-23 0.12.6110 Fixes and refinements.
2016-09-22 0.12.6109 Cursor Set feature release.
2016-09-15 0.12.6102 Fixes, and final adjustments for Cursor Set implementation.
2016-09-12 0.12.6099 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-09-09 0.12.6096 Revamped IPC for improved reliability and for supporting Cursor Sets.
2016-09-06 0.12.6093 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-09-03 0.12.6090 Cursor Set changes.
2016-08-26 0.12.6082 Fixes and adjustments. Changed format of CursorNode.dat - forward compatibility by previous product versions is not available (relevant in a downgrade scenario).
2016-08-25 0.12.6081 Implemented cursor set list editor.
2016-08-23 0.12.6079 Commit for Cursor Set changes.
2016-08-20 0.12.6076 Fixed window flash on exit on Windows 7 which persisted from a previous fix.
2016-08-19 0.12.6075 Implemented Tag Table.
2016-08-17 0.12.6073 Tagging changes.
2016-08-15 0.12.6071 Commit for tagging changes. Withdrew the cursor capture feature. Other fixes and adjustments.
2016-08-09 0.12.6065 Special compatibility fix for AMD based system.
2016-08-08 0.12.6064 Special compatibility fix.
2016-07-28 0.12.6053 Fixed Trial dialogue appearing once after activation in the same session. Fixed non-working of the Admin mode checkbox on Windows 8, caused by differing content of the task scheduler XML export.
2016-07-25 0.12.6050 Implemented user level tracing for crash reporting. Other adjustments.
2016-07-23 0.12.6048 Fixed inability of the synthetic cursors to cross over to secondary monitors that are above or to the left of the primary monitor.
2016-07-23 0.11.6048 Fixed incorrect scaling of the settings panel, and non-working of the synthetic cursors in Windows 10 multi-monitor environment.
2016-07-19 0.11.6044 Subscription licensing feature release.
2016-07-15 0.11.6040 Commit for changes relating to subscription based licensing. Minor text fixes.
2016-07-07 0.11.6032 Preparation for addition of subscription based licensing.
2016-06-29 0.11.6024 Saving of the Color Dialog custom colors.
2016-06-27 0.11.6022 Improved the wobble function near screen edges.
2016-06-24 0.11.6019 Added "Toggle visibility by bumping screen location" option for the Visibility tab.
2016-06-21 0.11.6016 Improved ability of the synthetic cursors to rise above menus.
2016-06-19 0.11.6014 Increased the maximum supported dimension of user custom cursors to 288 x 288 pixels.
2016-06-15 0.11.6010 Internally restructured for improved responsiveness and reliability.
2016-06-07 0.11.6002 Fixed intermittent flashing of a window on cn exit. This issue appears to affect mainly Windows 7.
2016-06-06 0.11.6001 Fixed incorrect rendering of the User custom cursor list on Windows 7 after system boot.
2016-06-06 0.10.6001 Added copy and paste buttons for snap-to spots.
2016-06-05 0.10.6000 Fixed incorrect scaling of high aspect ratio cursors over non-interfaceable elements of Windows 8 and later.
2016-06-04 0.10.5999 Optimization - thread count reduction.
2016-06-03 0.10.5998 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-06-01 0.10.5996 Adjustments, and optimization - reduced thread count.
2016-05-29 0.10.5993 Fixed the start in admin mode option being reset because of starts in rapid succession.
2016-05-27 0.10.5991 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-05-26 0.10.5990 Fixed insufficient system priority assigned to start in admin mode that resulted in non-recovering slow performance and sluggishness at random moments.
2016-05-25 0.10.5989 Adjustments and refinements.
2016-05-23 0.10.5987 Fixed incomplete shut down in some situations, which interfered with subsequent runs.
2016-05-23 0.9.5987 Fixed active custom cursor intermittently resetting hotspot to 0,0 on start. Admin mode changes.
2016-05-21 0.9.5985 Added "Start in administrator mode" option.
2016-05-20 0.9.5984 User custom cursor fixes and refinements.
2016-05-18 0.9.5982 Refinements for cursor type and size transitioning.
2016-05-16 0.9.5980 Cursor preview refinements.
2016-05-15 0.9.5979 Refinements and adjustments.
2016-05-13 0.9.5977 Added support for monochrome .cur files. Implemented cursor capture hot key function.
2016-05-12 0.9.5976 User custom cursor fixes and adjustments.
2016-05-11 0.9.5975 Fixed non-working of custom animated cursor for 32 bit programs.
2016-05-10 0.9.5974 Enabled animation for animated user custom cursors.
2016-05-09 0.9.5973 Added support for use of .cur and .ani files as user custom cursors.
2016-05-09 0.8.5973 Added support for use of .ico files as user custom cursors.
2016-05-08 0.8.5972 Snap-to spots for user custom cursors.
2016-05-05 0.8.5969 Command line parameters: Minimize & Exit
2016-05-04 0.8.5968 Fixes and adjustments.
2016-05-04 0.7.5968 Fixed "synthetic cursor follows mouse pointer visibility" option.
2016-05-03 0.7.5967 Enabled synthetic mode for user custom cursors.
2016-05-01 0.7.5965 User Custom cursors feature release.
2016-05-01 0.6.5965 User Custom cursors - fixes and adjustments.
2016-04-30 0.6.5964 User Custom cursors - fixes and adjustments.
2016-04-29 0.6.5963 User Custom cursors - hotspot save.
2016-04-28 0.6.5962 User Custom cursors - hotspot marker.
2016-04-24 0.6.5958 User Custom cursors - drag and drop.
2016-04-22 0.6.5956 Commit for changes related to User Custom cursors.
2016-04-18 0.6.5952 Fixes and adjustments. Preparatory work for User Custom cursors.
2016-04-13 0.6.5947 Cursor image refinements.
2016-04-12 0.6.5946 Fixed cursor in synthetic mode not tracking non-mouse induced pointer movements.
2016-04-11 0.6.5945 Implemented synthetic cursor mode.
2016-04-02 0.6.5936 Low frequency mouse coordinate display in the Snap tab. Added hotkey sequences for setting the snap-to spot coordinates to the current position of the mouse pointer.
2016-04-01 0.6.5935 Refinements for synthetic cursors.
2016-03-26 0.6.5929 "Wedge" cursor. Fixed incomplete shutdown in some situations which leaves the main process running.
2016-03-21 0.6.5924 Fixed issue that occasionally caused some external processes to crash on Windows shut down.
2016-03-17 0.6.5920 Fixed deadlocking on program start when running on Windows XP.
2016-03-15 0.6.5918 Reinstated ability of the synthetic cursor to rise above the Windows 10 start menu.
2016-03-15 0.5.5918 Circle 2 cursor. Generally improved start up speed. More consistent size choices across different cursors.
2016-03-09 0.5.5912 Removed non-essential digital signing on sub-process executable to lower overhead and speed up program start.
2016-03-08 0.5.5911 Largely eliminated start up delays from authenticode processing by Windows. However, intermittent slow starts remain because of third-party certificates in the trust chain requiring revocation check at intervals. The delay is caused by blocked internet access to CRL's resulting in timeout of 5 seconds or longer.
2016-02-29 0.5.5903 Incorporated an experimental fix for slow program start due to Windows' retrieval of CRL and the resulting network timeout. Added a lower end size for the cross synthetic cursor.
2016-02-26 0.5.5900 Fixed cursor release from snap-to spots, enabling compatibility for World of Tanks.
2016-02-25 0.5.5899 Enabled mouse pointer click-through on synthetic cursors, sacrificing rendering performance on Windows 7 and earlier for improved usability on Windows 8 and later. Enabled auto save of Snap-to spots for synthetic cursors. Extra minute for trial intervals.
2016-02-18 0.5.5892 Interfacing refinements. Enabled interfacing of the windows 10 task bar (though not the start menu). Settings panel focus adjustaments. Added 160x160 cross cursors.
2016-02-16 0.5.5890 Added support for Windows cursor.
2016-02-08 0.5.5882 Fixed IPC crash in non-English locales. Added information box for admin mode.
2016-02-06 0.5.5880 Enabled interfacing of embedded child window belonging to a foreign process, allowing improved compatibility with more programs or in more situations.
2016-02-05 0.5.5879 Fixed Wobble Size losing its effect inside the Settings Panel for Windows 32 bit.
2016-02-04 0.5.5878 Fixed GDI memory leak from cursor creation, reducing runtime footprint. Improved hide cursor function to present the start up arrow when the focused program does not provide a pointer.
2016-02-01 0.5.5875 Stopped using the Cross Synthetic cursor for start up calibration. Improved start up auto-interfacing.
2016-01-28 0.5.5871 Fixed incomplete shutdown that caused subsequent run to fail to function.
2016-01-27 0.5.5870 Fixed non-showing of small cursors in some programs after resizing via the hotkey sequence. More sizes for the Flint Blade cursor.
2016-01-27 0.4.5870 Fixed installer to allow change of the install directory. Cursor size change via hotkey sequence.
2016-01-21 0.4.5864 Auto-interfacing of open windows on product start.
2016-01-19 0.4.5862 Improved interfacing reliability. Fixed installer crashing on Windows XP. The problem originated from bugged installer builder.
2016-01-19 0.3.5862 Improved usability of the synthetic cursors for Windows 8 and later. Digital signing of the executables.
2016-01-18 0.3.5861 Improved usability of the hotkey combo.
2016-01-15 0.3.5858 "Wobble Size" setting in the Hotkey tab. Enabled interfacing of non-administrator programs while running in administrator mode.
2016-01-06 0.3.5849 Usability improvement: auto-interfacing of the Windows desktop on product start.
2016-01-05 0.3.5848 Reinstated compatibility for 32 bit Windows. Replaced the IPC component that may have been a source of crashes.
2016-01-02 0.3.5845 Reinstated compatibility for Windows Vista and earlier. Internal restructuring for upcoming features.
2015-12-28 0.3.5840 Stopped interfacing Store Apps and Store-App-like programs such as the Windows 10 Calculator. Full compatibility with these apps is not currently possible.
2015-12-27 0.3.5839 Improved interfacing to increase reliability and responsiveness. The 2 second delay prior to interfacing a newly focused window has been eliminated.
2015-12-24 0.3.5836 Enabled interfacing of the Desktop window.
2015-12-22 0.3.5834 Improved interfacing allowing compatibility with more programs at Normal interfacing strength. Extra minutes for trial intervals.
2015-12-18 0.3.5830 Fixed font scaling in the Strength tab. Other text adjustments.
2015-12-17 0.3.5829 Fixed serious virtual memory handling bug introduced in version 0.2.5778 that would have rendered the program inoperative for Windows 7 and earlier.
2015-12-17 0.2.5829 Settings panel "Strength" and "Snap" tabs.
2015-12-11 0.2.5823 80 x 80 cursors. Text in pop-up messages can now be selected and copied, making it easier for non-English speaking users to paste the text into translators.
2015-12-04 0.2.5816 "X3" cursor.
2015-12-02 0.2.5814 Clickable alert on information for native cursors with dimensions greater than 64 pixels.
2015-12-01 0.2.5813 "Lantern" replaced "Diamond 2" cursor. Improved down scaling of large cursors to standard size over non-interface-able and not-yet-interfaced windows on Windows 8 and later.
2015-11-25 0.2.5807 Stopped stretching of small cursors to the system standard size on Windows 8 and later.
2015-11-23 0.2.5805 Internal bug fixes and adjustments.
2015-11-21 0.2.5803 Fixed selected color at opening of the color palette.
2015-11-20 0.2.5802 Configurable hotkey combo.
2015-11-15 0.2.5797 Improved error messages for the most common activation errors. "Cross 3" cursor.
2015-11-13 0.2.5795 Fixed preview for left-handed cursors.
2015-11-11 0.2.5793 Left-handed cursors.
2015-11-02 0.2.5784 Cursor dimension display. "Diamond 2" cursor.
2015-10-27 0.2.5778 Fixed virtual memory handling, increasing compatibility with more programs. Added configuration file.
2015-10-25 0.2.5776 "Crosshair 2" cursor.
2015-10-20 0.2.5771 Added compatibility for Windows installed in a GPT disk.
2015-10-12 0.2.5763 "X 2" cursor.
2015-10-10 0.2.5761 "Circle" cursor.
2015-10-09 0.2.5760 "Square" cursor. Extra minutes for trial intervals.
2015-10-09 0.1.5760 Improved installer error message regarding missing .NET framework.
2015-10-08 0.1.5759 "Diamond" cursor. Fixed registry handling.
2015-09-25 0.1.5746 "Crosshair" cursor. Eliminated drag resistance on sliders. Improved cursor toggle via hotkey combo.
2015-09-22 0.1.5743 Scaling of user interface to work with all DPI settings. "Cross 2" cursor.

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