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Bigger cursor for Terraria. See it in action in this video.

Example of cursor node being used in Terraria: Image 1 Image 2

Can't see cursor in Terraria ? Use a highlighter cursor from Cursor Node in windowed mode will work.

To use CursorNode with Terraria, please follow these steps:

1. Change the Terraria video mode to "Windowed" ( do not maximize !! )
2. Select a highlighter cursor from Cursor Node
3. Or select any other cursor and then tick "Highlighter"

The best gaming cursor for Terraria is definitely Cursor Node.

Cursor hidden.

If the default cursor is not working for you, then you can use this imrpoved cursor.

Cursor is not responsive.

Cursor is silly.

Terraria mouse pointer modding can be done using Cursor Node.

For an excellent Terraria cursor, you can certainly use Cursor Node.

Cursor isn't working.

Cursor node is the probably best video game cursor out there.

Can't see cursor in Terraria ? That's no problem if you use Cursor Node.

How to make cursor more visible in Terraria ?

For VolumeNode.

Custom Terraria cursor
The ultimate gaming cursor for the competitive gamer, with limitless possibilities built-in !

Make cursor bigger in Terraria ? In windowed mode, a Cursor Node highlighter cursor can make this game's cursor more visible.

Terraria make cursor bigger is easy when using Cursor Node.

Cursor node is extremely addictive.

Cursor Node is a brilliant cursor addon for Terraria.

How to make Terraria cursor larger ? Just use this tool.

Cursor node is highly visible.

To mod the Terraria mouse cursor, you can use Cursor Node for sure.

Terraria mauszeiger addon: download from this place.

Cursor Node is the way forward.

Cursor getting lost in fight in Terraria ? Get Cursor Node and use a highlighter cursor in windowed mode.

Mouse pointer mod in Terraria can be done using Cursor Node.

Cursor node makes most games enjoyable.

For a Terraria mouse pointer change, you need Cursor Node.

The best mouse pointer for Terraria has got to be Cursor Node. There's no question about it.

Small cursor in Terraria ? Well, make it bigger using Cursor Node.

Cursor not visible.

Cursor node even works with old games like Counterstrike when using the highlighter cursors.

Cursor reduction.

Terraria cursor mod
Simply the best PVP mouse pointer in the business, with unmatched visibility. Aim and shoot while your opponent is still fumbling to find his cursor.
Shown in actual sizes (accurate when browser is at 100% zoom).

How to make mouse pointer/cursor easier to see in Terraria ?

Cursor replacement.

Terraria increase cursor size is easily done using this program.

Terraria cursor mode can be done using Cursor Node.

Cursor too small for screen.

If the Terraria cursor is too small, then make it bigger using Cursor Node.

Cursor visibility problems are easily fixed by cursor node.

Cool mouse pointer for Terraria is available from this site.

Cursor warning.

A Terraria custom cursor can be found here.

The ultimate gamer's cursor for Terraria is Cursor Node.

Custom cursor.

Terraria best cursor mode doesn't get better than this.

Custom mouse pointer.

Enhance mouse cursor.

Terraria mouse pointer mod
An indispensible targeting system for the winning gamer. Never lose track of the cursor in the middle of a fight again !
Shown in actual sizes (accurate when browser is at 100% zoom).

The Cursor Node highlighter cursors work extremely well and highly visible in Terraria when the game is running in a non-full-screen window. Get Cursor Node HERE.

Cursor is lagging.

Change cursor Terraria is really very easy when you use Cursor Node.

Fix mouse cursor.

Increase mouse pointer size in Terraria, you can use Cursor Node.

Cursor Node is an excellent cursor changer for Terraria.

Flash game cursor.

How to make your cursor bigger in Terraria ? Use Cursor Node and a highlighter cursor will work.

General cursor discussion.

Terraria cursor not visible enough ? Then use this addon.

Give me a cursor.

Best custom cursors for Terraria is implemented by Cursor Node.

Good time cursor.

Here's a Terraria cursor download you might want to try: link.

Hard to see cursor in Terraria ? Then you definitely need this utility.

Hard time cursor.

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