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Diablo 3 change cursor. It's really quite easy. This video shows you how: view

Diablo 3 mouse icon can be changed using Cursor Node.

Are you getting cursor lag in Diablo 3 III ? Follow the instructions in this tool to get a non-lagging cursor.

To use CursorNode with Diablo 3, please follow these steps:

1. Change the Diablo 3 video mode to "Windowed" or "Windowed Full Screen"
2. Exit Diablo 3
3. Start Diablo 3

If at any time the video mode is changed to "Full Screen" (exclusive) mode, begin again from step 1.

People are actually raging about this big white ugly mouse pointer. Does anyone know why they came out with it in the last patch ?

Ok, so you don't like the Diablo 3 III cursor after 2.4.0 patch ? Here is an alternative.

So having issues with the Diablo 3 III cursor visibility ? Fear not, help is at hand: excellent stuff.

For Terraria

Custom mouse cursor for Diablo 3 III
The ultimate gaming cursor for the competitive gamer, with limitless possibilities built-in !
Shown in actual sizes (accurate when browser is at 100% zoom).

Diablo 3 cursor visibility can be changed using this easy to use program.

Diablo 3 mouse cursor not working. This app might fix it because it comes with instructions on how to work with the game.

Can you believe it, I mean what exactly is the point of giving us a big white ugly mouse cursor ?

I really really don't like the huge white cursor after Diablo 3 III 2.4.0 patch. Maybe a smaller one will work for you ?

Diablo 3 III cursor visibility issues are easy to fix with this tool.

Mouse cursor for Diablo 3 III
Simply the best PVP mouse pointer in the business, with unmatched visibility. Aim and shoot while your opponent is still fumbling to find his cursor.
Shown in actual sizes (accurate when browser is at 100% zoom).

Let's not let the big white ugly mouse cursor get you down, LOL.

Diablo 3 cursor problem. This software could fix it for you.

There is no doubt Cursor Node is the best answer to Diablo 3 III mouse cursor visibility issues.

I lol'ed so hard when I logged in and saw this great big white cursor.

Mouse pointer for Diablo 3 III
An indispensible targeting system for the winning gamer. Never lose track of the cursor in the middle of a fight again !
Shown in actual sizes (accurate when browser is at 100% zoom).

Diablo 3 can't see mouse. If this problem is caused by too much going on in the game screen, you can change the cursor size and make it easier to see. Get this tool.

Everywhere I look, people are complaining about the big ugly white cursor.

Don't live with Diablo 3 III mouse pointer visibility issues ! Have them fixed now.

Hahahaha, that big white cursor is crazy.

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